Note to users (3/8/2014): Effective immediately - All users of the BlueVestment (FREE) service MUST be authorized for Lending Club's API in order to continue using the BlueVestment (FREE) service. Thanks for your cooperation.
Unleash your social lending potential!

Social lending is a great investment instrument as an alternative to the traditional fixed-income market and has the promise of less volatility and higher rates of returns. However, it can require considerably more effort to stay on top of your accounts to ensure maximum returns.

The constant search for new loans to invest in, staying on top of the notes you currently own, and evaluating the secondary market is no easy process.

The BlueVestment service enables social lenders to take a "set it and forget it" approach to management of their social lending accounts. Starting out with automatic investment is easy.

Just Sign Up to get started. It's 100% free. Seriously. No credit cards, no hassle. Just a free service provided to the community.